The Last Skull is a teenage superheroine fantasy mixed with what I hope is a realistic (but still comic-rooted) touch. I started writing it out of a mixture of love for the genre, a desire to see a muscular, wolverine-esque teenage girl beating the snot out of costumed supervillains, and a burning need to write something, anything before I went mad.

If you're interested in supporting me as an author, please, by all means, visit the Arcadia Snips homepage linked to the right--where I've put up my larger, completed novel, Arcadia Snips and the Steamwork Consortium--support can come in the form of buying a book, writing a review of it, or just sending a link of it (or this blog) to some of your friends.

Otherwise, if you want to contact me--to give me feedback, to lodge a complaint about what I've written (be it about the mechanics of my words or about my portrayal of a female superhero), or to just say hi--you can email me at thegreathippo over at my gmail account. I'm always open to criticism of any kind and won't bite your head off for speaking your mind (so long as you can do it without trying to bite *my* head off).

Thanks, and enjoy.