Table of Contents

BOOK 1: Secret Origins
Sue Daysdale is a sixteen year old high-school student with more worries than she can shake a stick at. But everything abruptly and violently changes when she discovers her dead mother's secret--that the same woman who took her to soccer practice and taught her how to dress a wound was living a secret life as the most terrifying superhero alive: The Skull. Sue soon finds herself wrapped up in a plot involving powered techno-gadgetry, a murderous nemesis, capes, and a boomerang wielding bad-ass. Includes language and violence.

BOOK 2: Being The Hero
After successfully navigating the labyrinthine structure of her mother's past, Sue has embraced her new image as the successor of the Skull--even if Sumerset, her new guardian and hero-handler, won't let her go out on patrol quite yet. But when Sue hears about a missing friend, she sees an opportunity to put her new training to the test--an opportunity Sumerset begrudgingly allows her to take. This soon launches Sue into a street war between demons, powered thugs, and a mad magician intent on sacrificing the city to his dark, alien God. Includes language, violence, and possible triggers for trans-gender people and people with experience with self-harm.

EXTRAS: 12 Seconds and Other Tales
Included here are stories that don't necessarily fit into the immediate narrative, but tie into the greater story as a whole. Included are stories concerning Mulligan and Paladin, stories concerning those who wore the Skull mantle prior to Sue Daysdale, and other bits.