Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An Authorial Intrusion

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And thus ends the first two parts of 'The Last Skull'. I'm going to do a bit of re-organizing over the next few days (not much, just spruce up the labeling--create an efficient division between story pages and non-story pages, etc), and then continue the story with the next part (where things will begin proper, and a new, terrifying enemy will emerge! Quiver with fear!). Keep an eye on this space, etc. I should have everything ready to go by Friday at the very latest.

I'm always interested in feedback--people who want to tell me what they think I'm doing right, what they think I'm doing wrong--or people who just want to ask me questions about the story (it's hard to reply in the comment section here, since it probably rarely gets read). Feel free to contact me at my email address (thegreathippo over at gmail), or leave a comment here or elsewhere--I'll usually respond to the comments when I have time, and I'll always try to respond to emails. Additionally, please feel free to drop off a review of the story at or anywhere else.

If you're feeling really adventurous--and want to support a starving writer--please feel free to check out the link to your right that leads to Arcadia Snips, my other finished product that's currently available for sale. Support doesn't always mean you have to shovel out money, either--if you think it's a good story, tell your friends, and tell them to tell their friends. Eventually, a friend might think it's worth buying, and then...

Anyway, thanks for your support--and your continued readership!


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