Thursday, September 23, 2010

Author! He Intrudes!


I beg your pardon for the lack updates recently--in recent news, my laptop has been rendered defunct, and it's on my laptop that all my notes concerning the Skull, the characters, and the events of the next few weeks lie. To that end, however, I've decided to continue making updates until I either 1) Get my laptop working again, or 2) Remember what it was I wanted to happen next and write it the hell down. So I'll still be sticking to the three updates per week schedule--I plan on having two more updates before this week is over (whether they'll be story updates or bio updates, we'll see...)

The first bio post I've made is on the Grin, one of Susan Daysdale's (the fifth Skull) villains--although he also did battle with Donnie Daysdale and Bryan Daysdale (the third and fourth Skulls, respectively). He is a bit of a creepy mother-fucker--an analogue to the Joker for this setting--but have no fear, he's dead now.

I plan on doing a few more bio updates (masks--villains, and capes--heroes) regularly, as I get more pictures done of them. Also, on that note--the art of the Grin was provided by my ever-supportive wife, who is available for commissions here.

Thanks for your patience, and hopefully see you soon.


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