Friday, September 3, 2010

Once Again, The Author Intrudes


Sorry about the delay on the previous post; real life is simmering down now so I should have more time to dedicate to the task of updating The Last Skull. I'm thinking of actually moving to a more robust update schedule (5 times per week, on weekdays), but I feel as if I need to justify this somehow.

Anyway, this post is largely here to point out that I've heavily edited the chapter I just posted (Threshold 2) by adding a considerable chunk to its end--it was supposed to be there but I somehow accidentally forgot it. Error corrected! Click here to read the chapter as it should be (or just hit the 'previous' button above!).

On a final note, if you've been enjoying this story, please consider voting/writing a review for the entry on Webfiction Guide, updating its page at TVTropes, donating with the button to your right, checking out my other work, Arcadia Snips, or just passing the word along to friends. Thanks!



  1. I shudder to try and write a review :) but I have consistently voted on webfiction for the last skull,I think these past 3 weeks. I belive you can only vote once per week.

  2. I take it that real life is still making updates a challenge. Looking forward to the next one.

  3. Regrettably, yeah--my laptop had a critical meltdown (the AC adaptor, at least) and I've only now managed to jury-rig myself back online using an old desktop I had scurried away somewhere. Regrettably, all my notes were on the laptop (which is useless until I find a 120 watt AC adaptor); thankfully, I have enough together in my head to cobble the next two parts tonight. I'll be posting them a little later.