Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mask Gallery - Rockstar



NAME: Rockstar

REAL NAME: Unknown


POWERS: Made of solid rock, Rockstar possesses supernatural strength, endurance, and an immunity to biological concerns (poison, exhaustion, sleep, hunger, etc). In addition, Rockstar can control soundwaves in his immediate vicinity--granting limited flight, perfect sound mimicry, and the ability to create focused or unfocused blasts of sound.

QUOTE: "Nothing can stop the rock."

BIOGRAPHY: Crafted by a cabal of Dark Gods to bring about 'Ragna-rock' (aka 'The Rockening'), Rockstar's exact date of origin is unknown. His first reported appearance was during an archeological dig amidst the ruins of Pompeii in the 60s (allegedly, the eruption of Mount Vesuvius was a direct result of him throwing one of his more 'wicked' riffs); he was activated shortly thereafter and proceeded with a brutal and violent campaign of music tours across much of Europe and later America, causing massive levels of property damage with each successive concert.

It wasn't until 1969 that he would have his fateful encounter with Euterpe, Muse of Music and Goddess of Rock, during an attempt to crash Woodstock and impose his message of 'Hate and Awesome' over one of 'Peace and Love'. The on-stage battle that ensued would be the first of many--as would his defeat at her hands. Thereafter, through the 70s and up into the mid-80s, they would fight over the future of music--Rockstar allying with its darker, destructive urges, while Euterpe fought for its aspects of creative power and joy.

During the events of 1984, Rockstar disappeared--only to resurface in the mid-90s. Since then, he has stayed relatively low-key, still working toward the 'Rockalypse'--a concert where he claims he will play the 'wicked awesome riff' which will end the world.

DESCRIPTION: 6 and a half feet tall, made of granite, and often clad in 'punkish' attire, Rockstar is, like many magical beings, difficult to grasp. He claims to want to end the world with 'the Rockalypse', a concert that he describes as one to 'end all other concerts', but it is unknown precisely what is required for him to accomplish this feat or what steps he has taken in this direction. It is believed by many high-ranking government agents that Rockstar has grown secretly fond of the world and is reluctant to bring about its destruction.

Initial analysis of his psychology reveals an intense, unprovoked hatred of everything and anything around him; he rebels against all authority without reason and looks upon anything not directly related to violence or hard rock as 'for duck-fuckers'. He is destructive, violent, and intensely interested in disrupting the status quo wherever he goes, regardless of its value.




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