Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cape Gallery - The Mulligan



NAME: The Mulligan

REAL NAME: Jack Mulligan

CLASS: Unclassifiable

POWERS: Time-travel. Mulligan can relive the same 12 seconds again and again until he feels satisfied as to the result; this allows him to 'play back' a given situation any number of times, granting him a certain degree of limited pretercognition.

QUOTE: "My super-power is kicking your ass."

BIOGRAPHY: The precise details of Mulligan's past remains a mystery; Mulligan himself appeared two years ago in a hospital in Philadelphia with no memory of how he arrived or what occurred prior. He lived on the streets for several months, using his powers to steal and survive until he was discovered by a member of the Society who was sensitive to temporal displacement. He was offered a job in Metro City as a member of Epoch--an offer which he readily took.

To this day, all attempts to discover exactly who Mulligan is or where he came from have failed. Initial telepathic scans reveals that Mulligan himself still has no idea.

DESCRIPTION: Mulligan remains one of the few capes who makes no attempt to hide his actual identity and prefers to work out of costume. He is an (assumed) eighteen year old caucasian male of average build; his preferred weapon is a Louisville Slugger and his 'costume' is usually a collared shirt and tie.

Both psych profiles and continued interaction with Mulligan have revealed a deep anti-authoritarian streak that goes far beyond a mere disrespect for those in power. He is defiant, violent, pessimistic, and prone to depression. Nevertheless, he has a considerable passion for justice and a desire to ensure that no one around him dies. Continued attempts to keep him under control have been made possible only thanks to his relationship with Paladin, aka James Montgomery; Mr. Montgomery remains one of the few people who's opinion Mulligan will respect.

Mulligan is currently involved in a homosexual relationship with James Montgomery, his teammate and leader of Epoch. Considering both Mulligan's violatile nature and his particular power, close observation of this relationship is highly recommended.




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