Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cape Gallery - Paladin



NAME: Paladin

REAL NAME: James Montgomery


POWERS: Can emit immense amounts of 'white energy' from any part of his body; this allows Paladin to create any number of simple objects. Said objects exist only so long as they remain in contact with Paladin's body. In addition, he can modify the attributes of this 'white energy', making it incredibly dense, heavy, or light.

QUOTE: "We're the good guys. We don't run away, and we sure as hell don't lose."

BIOGRAPHY: Both Mr. Montgomery's parents died in a fire when he was six; placed in the care of his aunt, he soon demonstrated considerable intelligence and a passion for fairness. He became a volunteer firefighter at the age of 15; his powers erupted shortly thereafter during a tenement blaze. Approached by the Society, James Montgomery agreed to become Paladin in exchange for a college scholarship, a considerable salary, and a position of his own choosing in the Society's ranks. Shortly thereafter, he became the leader of one of Metro City's top super-teams, Epoch.

DESCRIPTION: James Montgomery is a seventeen year old African American with an above average build; he possesses both an overwhelming desire to see justice done and an ongoing anti-authoritarian streak (demonstrated most clearly in his early negotiations with the Society and the friction he has with his handlers, law officials, and Society representatives). Intelligent, competent, and strongly religious (Christian Protestant), his psychological workup indicates an intense admiration for Sovereign and other 'incorruptibles' coupled with an equally intense dislike for the bureaucracies that surround and ultimately control them.

Despite his ongoing opposition to authority, the Society values Mr. Montgomery highly. His passion for justice, his competence and charisma as a leader, and his status as a minority have all made him a prime candidate as one of the Society's front-men--helping to maintain the Society's image as a clean, shining beacon of justice and fairplay to the world.

Mr. Montgomery is currently involved in a homosexual relationship with his teammate and second-in-command, Jack Mulligan. Our sources indicate that he has yet to express his homosexuality to family and friends--considering Mr. Mulligan's volatile nature (and his particular powerset), close observation is highly recommended.




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