Friday, July 8, 2011

Other Stuff




I've been gone for a while, I realize--real life interceded. Company of Crows has been completely halted (I'm still writing large swathes of the story--but I'm keeping it offline for now. I'm not precisely sure what I'm going to do with it. As of now, it's been re-entitled 'Imbroglio'), and I've been working on both a rewrite of the Last Skull and another superhero serial that occurs in the same setting. The latter is called Notorious, and is about an ex-supervillain trying to go straight.

If you're reading this after clicking on the link from Jim Zoeteway's excellent Legion of Nothing series, then hey--if you want to read The Last Skull, feel free to, but keep in mind that the characters featured from that crossover fic are from the new Skull universe, not this one (but they're based on the characters here). I'll hopefully have a link to that series soon.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Just keep writing and posting something 8-)

  2. Contrary to your posts on your other story-blogs, I really enjoyed The Last Skull. It reads like a pen-and-paper RPG adventure that expanded to more players :-)


  3. I appreciate it! Eventually, I have to get up off my tush and do the rewrite of this. I go insane if I'm not writing, and at the moment, all I have is Notorious to stave off the madness--and that's not nearly enough.

  4. Ah, good to know it isn't completely abandoned. I was also wondering... Is the rest of the Mysterious Case of Captain Boomerang going to ever be up?